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Quilting – Not just for your Grandma!

From the time my daughters were little, I’ve wanted to showcase the endless possibilities of learning at any stage in life. I made it a point each year, that I’d embark on a new adventure.

One year, it was growing our own vegetable garden. We grew multiple cucumbers and transformed them into mouthwatering bread and butter pickles. Stay tuned; I’ll soon share the recipe and canning tips.

Another year, I decided to mix up my fitness routine by taking exercise classes. The unexpected happened; I became certified and started teaching classes myself. Ha!

My hands always need to stay busy with something productive. So, when I stumbled upon a quant quilt shop in Yukon, Oklahoma, I knew I’d found my next learning venture. I enrolled in a series of one-on-one quilting classes, and the rest, is history.

Quilting fuels my creativity, allowing me to work on projects bit by bit. It’s a world teeming with opportunities to expand and grow – the variety keeps me far from ever getting bored.

One year, I set an audacious goal for myself: to craft over 100 quilts of all sizes, from snug baby quilts to a luxurious queen-size one, complete with fluffy faux fur on the back. Yes, it was as heavy as it was luxurious! Unsurprisingly, my masterpiece went to my incredible momma, who deserves nothing but the best!

If you’re curious and want to feast your eyes on ALL the quilts I’ve crafted over the years, head over to my Instagram profile, FaithGraceQuilts.

And here’s a little secret: keep an eye out for spontaneous quilt giveaways! You never know when I’ll decide to spread some warmth and creativity your way. 🪡🎁

Stay Warm and Cozy!