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Pizza Hack

Are you ever stumped when deciding what to make for dinner, and your ultimate solution is reaching for store-bought pizza? If you’re like me, you’re in for a treat with a game-changing life hack that my girls and I use every time we indulge in store-bought pizza: the Crispy Oven Pizza trick!

It’s a simple process: Take that delicious pizza out of the box and plastic wrap, then slide it directly onto the oven racks of your preheated oven. But here’s where the magic happens: position a baking sheet pan on the bottom rack under the pizza. When your pizza is perfectly cooked, just use a flipper to effortlessly transfer it onto the baking sheet pan. Voilà!

What’s the advantage? You get hot pizza on a hot pan, and there’s absolutely no mess on the bottom of the oven from pesky cheese droplets. It’s super easy and has become our go-to method for enjoying store-bought pizza at home.

If you need a visual guide, be sure to check out our video showcasing just how amazingly easy and seamless this life hack is.

Say goodbye to oven cleanup woes and hello to the crispiest oven pizza experience!