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New Build, Model Home, Land, Treasure Hunt…

As a realtor, I thrive on finding the best deals, just like my husband and I did when we started our family at a young age. We had two babies within 18 months and were, shall we say, a little strapped for cash. It was then that we got creative – turning garage sales into treasure hunts and transforming furniture, fixing whatever needed repair, and even mastering the art of reupholstering. We could make three ingredients taste like a gourmet meal. Creativity, we learned, isn’t confined to art; it applies to all aspects of life, including the search for a new home.

Today, let’s explore two fantastic home-buying options with boundless potential for savings – purchasing a new build or snagging a nearly complete model home.

In Denison, TX, Highland Homes is offering a spectacular deal on their almost-finished homes. With options of 6-7 custom upgrades and enticing incentives for closing costs. If you choose to finance through them, you might save up to a whopping $15,000 on closing costs, all while possibly securing an ultra-low interest rate of 5.99%. And if we go, say today, you could be unwrapping presents in your new home this Christmas – an opportunity that’s nothing short of amazing!

Building your home from the ground up, utilizing a builder’s plan, is an exciting venture, though it typically takes around 8 months. In this world, delays can happen, but expecting them ensures you won’t be disappointed when they do.

But what if the idea of a neighborhood isn’t your cup of tea? If you crave 1–3 acres of personal space, I’ve got you covered! In Denison, there are fantastic land deals waiting for you. Tilson Homes will not only provide you with great building options, but also guide you through the entire process, from soil samples to the perfect floor plan. They make building on your land a painless experience.

Now there is a 3rd option and that is going on a treasure hunt with me for the home that will fit your needs and where you can add your special touches to make it your own.

Home buying can be a prompt journey or a more extended process, but rest assured, I’m here for the entire ride. And hey, I’ll sweeten the deal with some homemade bread and butter to enjoy along the way!

I’m ALWAYS ready for a new adventure!